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Company Instruction – Company Profile
LS-Sauter Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of LS Industrial Systems and Swiss Sauter AG.
Our Company provide Green Building Solution which could contribute to creating sustainable environment.
BAS Company

Our Vision– Smart Green Building

Green Building Solution – Overview
New & renewable energy generation : Fuel Cell, Photovoltaic system
Reducing energy consumption : LED Lighting, AC drive
Smart consumption : Building Energy Management System, Building Automation system, Smart Cabinet Panel
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Green Building Solution  – Reducing energy consumption

Definition and Benefit

  • AC Drive are controllers that regulate the gyration velocity of motors by changing the frequency of electric power
    -> Energy saving and High Efficiency


  • Green gas emission from Industry : 34%
  • 20 Millions of industrial motors consume 65% of power used in industry
  • Up to 60% of power used by pumps and fans can be reduced by adopting AC drives

MV AC Drive


  • Providing pleasant environment by reducing noise and vibration
  • Being available of existing induction motor
  • Protecting equipment with soft operation and stop
  • The effect of power factor correction
  • Outstanding efficiency of saving energy
  • Optimum drive with outstanding control operation
  • Improving productivity and saving cost and time for maintenance of equipment
  • Decreasing the peak of electric current by reducing starting current

LV IS7 Drive

Green Building Solution  – Reducing energy consumption
AC Drive
Green Energy Consumtion