Automation Solution

XGT (Next Generation Technologi) Family profide next generation solutions with a new consept of advanced engineering environment based on open network fastest processing speed, compact size and user-frindly software
xgt family

HMI Variant XP,IXP & InfoU SCADA




XGR: Redundancy system
•  CPU processing speed: 42ns/step
•  I/O Point: max. 131,072
•  Total memory: 25MB (Program 7MB, Data 2MB, Flash 16MB)
•  Switching over time: min. 4.3ms/max. 22ms
•  Built-in 256 PID loops control

XGK: Ladder programming
•  CPU processing speed: 28ns/step
•  I/O point: max. 6,144
•  Various type of CPU E/S/A/H/U (16K/32K/32K/64K/128Ksteps)
•  Integrated intelligent Software package : XG5000
•  System solution based on open network: Ethernet, Profibus,

•  Built-in PID control


XGI: IEC standart programing
•  CPU processing speed: 28ns/step
•  I/O point: max. 6,144
•  Various type of CPU S/H/U (128K/512K/1Msteps)
•  IEC 61131 -3 Standart programming

     –  LD (Ladder Diagram), SFC (Sequential Function Chart),ST
       (Structured Text)
     –  User defined FB (Function Block)

•  Built-in 256 PID loops control


XGB:Ladder Programing
All-In-One PLC

  • With Next Generation Technology, XGB is a micro PLC that offers maximum performance at minimum cost.
  • With its high functionality, XGB supports from simple control system to complex task.
  • Strengthening its communication functions, XGB offers user-oriented integrated control.
  • Based on its strengths, XGB can be used in many application fields. XGB Features
                 It’s Slim                           Untitled

Compact Size
Compact but powerful functions

High Performance

  • Fast processing speed: 160ns/Step
  • Floating operation
  • Max. 7-stage expansion with 480-point I/O control
    (XBC: 10-stage expansion 704 points)
  • Fit for small- and medium-size systems

Integrated Programming & Debugging Environment

  • User-friendly interface and easy programming
    XG5000: XGB programming and monitoring
    XG-PD: Network module setting and analysis
  • user-friendly interface and easy programming
  • Various Monitoring functions:
  • Ladder Program, Variable, System, Trend, and Special module monitoring
  • Intuitive Network analysis and monitoring for maintenance


XGT Panel IXP Series & XP Series
LSIS creates the core automation solutions for the fields ranging
from production facilities to information systems.
It is the device and software operable using a designed screen for users to
monitor and control the operating status of given facilities and equipments.
Windows CE platform based XGT panel is a user-friendly solution, providing
convenient, clear and realistic display, prompt data transmission and
processing as well as easy environments.
Based on the advanced technologies, LSIS satisfies various requirements
of clients, from unit facilities to advanced industrial fields, leading the HMI market.

iXP Series It is highly competitive using the user-friendly

  • Quick screen switching and response speed to touch
  • 16.7M TFT colored LCD
  • Large drawing / backup memory (Drawing-128MB, Backup-1MB)
  • Sound I/O support
  • Various interfaces
    –  USB Host 3ch (Front: 1, Rear: 2), Device 1ch (Front)
    –  SD card
    –  Various communication drivers provided

Presence sensor applied (within 1m)


HMI InfoU SCADA Systems

    • Integrated development environment for interactive user IF
    • Various & convenient data acquisition with template function
    • Efficient solution with enhanced alarm features
    • Powerful script function including schedule management
    • Open architecture supporting industrial standard OPC, OLE DB, etc
    • Easy to use
    • Program development environment for simple application
    • Direct import tag database for LS PLC software

USER Friendly software


Offline Simulation : XG5000 for PLC
program Running/Monitoring in XG5000 Without PLC

xg5000 simulation

Offline simulation PLC+HMI Concurrent Simulation
PLC/HMI Programing Running Without PLC/HMI