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UPC ( Universal Pump Controll)

Universal pump controll by



The Universal Pump Controller (UPC) V1.1 is a control and display unit which
automatically controls up to four variable or single speed pumps. It is designed to be the
heart of a pump control system for lift stations, regulated pressure, and other fluid
pumping applications. The UPC provides built-in pump alternation, pump start time
delay, high and low alarms. It uses most level and pressure sensors as well as backup
float switches in addition to having up to two internal pressure transducers for level and
pressure measurement. The controller automatically detects and uses the sensor type
which is present and working. The UPC provides a combination of digital,analog and communication
inputs as well as outputs that can be isolated as an option. The UPC also includes an
RS-485 and ethernet interface designed to support SCADA systems using a
variety of Modbus based communication devices giving the unit remote data
acquisition, monitoring, and control capability
• Wastewater Pump Station Level Control
• Water and Wastewater Plant Level Control
• Storm Water Level Control
• Liquid Level Control for Tanks
• Holding Pond Level Control
• Most Liquid Level Control Applications
• Controls up to 8 pumps with LS H100 Variable Drive (communication)
• Controls variable and single speed pumps.
• VFD minimum speed adjustment.
• Isolated digital inputs.
• Isolated analog inputs and outputs @ 2 CH AD 0-10 volt /2CH 4-20 mA selectable
• Accepts 2 types of sensors including external level and pressure sensors and floats           switches.
• On, Off, High, and Low setpoints adjustable from front panel or remotely via serial         port.
• Pumps, sensors, and alarms status indicators on front panel.
• Front panel test knob for simulated level input testing.
• RS-485 port and Ethernet port SCADA communications support.
• Uses latc memory allowing system to retain program software and setpoints during          power loss
• Various specific gravities available to accurately measure most liquids.
• Proven software that allows for easy setup and reliability
• Custom software available from factory
• Inside Product XGT Series

solution for your pump controll

Note : launching product  07 nov 2015 in ACE exhibition
ACE 2015 Jatim