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Compressor Using LS Drive

Compressor is a device that makes the pressure of gas more high level than current condition. Fristly, converting the electrical energy by a motor then, compresses the gas by mechanical power. Finally, it makes work with the compressed air.
> Reciprocating :
A reciprocating compressor or piston compressor is a positive-displacement compressor that uses piston driven by a crankshaft to deliver gases at high pressure
> Rotary:
They are commonly used to replace piston compessor where large volumes of high pressure air are needed, either for large industrial applications or to operate high-power air tools such as jackhammers
> Centrifugal :
Centrifugal compressors, sometimes termed radial compressors, are a sub-class of dynamic axisymmetric work- absorbing turbomachinery.
> Axial :
Axial compressors are rotating,airfoil-based compressor in which the working fluid principally flows parallel to the axis of rotation. This is in contrast with other rotating compressors such as centrifugal, axi-centrifugal and mixed- flow compressors where the air may enter axially but will have a significant radial component on exit.
Machine          : Air/oil compressore
Key Function  : Screw rotor should be filled with oil and than compressor will be started.Although motor rotate, it cannot compress air because oil is not filled in the screw rotor when compresso start up
Solutions       : By using Pre-PID function after proper pressure should be fed back.
4. Applied Product
VSD Inverter IS7 Series
5. Key Function
> Pre-PID :
is useful at screw compressor .In such application should need an oil filled before start,in order to fill the oil into screw compressor after starting drive, Pre-PID will react in the form of open loop.

> Slep and wake-up Function :
Sleep and wake-up function can stop driver’s operation in low weighted load situation.And if the load is restored to a normal situation, drive will restart.This mechanism ultimately brings energy saving result of entire system.